Expanded Capabilities – 3/3 lines & spaces

There comes a point in PCB fabrication, both in the prototyping and production phases, where the conceptual and physical worlds collide. In the PCB manufacturing industry, this glass ceiling becomes apparent at the 0.003” circuit width and spacing level.

Once a design reaches the 0.003”/0.003” line and spacing level, standard manufacturing procedures fail miserably. Physical factors start having an effect; i.e. chemical etching sprays can no longer properly fit droplets into the available spacing, light and film can no longer focus as crisp an edge, and physical handling damage possibilities increase. Additionally, standard materials with large profile copper deposition are no longer feasible.

Utilizing our VFL (Very Fine Line) in-house process and VLP (Very Low Profile) Copper foils and substrates, we have the capability to push past this hurdle and successfully build designs in the 0.003” circuit width level. This is possible and available on both inner and outer layers, in 3/8oz, ½oz, 1oz, and depending on design intricacies, even some 2oz copper weights.

Our expanded capabilities also include:

  • Peelable Mask – A service offered to our Customers which allows for substantial savings during sequential assembly processes by eliminating the need for KAPTON tape and the associated labor costs.
  • Printed Resistors – A service offered to our Customers that allows for a >90% BOM savings on resistors and the associated assembly and labor costs over conventional resistors, while ensuring product security. This is accomplished using a special resistive carbon paste and/or ink. Please contact our process engineering for assistance when including printed resistors into your design. Printed resistors are currently limited to ±20% variance.
  • HiLED (High Intensity L.E.D.) Applications: – When heat sinks get excessive or get in the way of high intensity LED or other heat producing applications, we’ve got your back with aluminum heat-absorbing substrates (currently in stock). Single sided SMT designs with or without plated holes are possible.

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