RF Capabilities

The challenges in today’s RF environment are threefold and are dependent on material properties, tight tolerancing, and repeatability. Material properties include Dielectric Constant (Dk), Dissipation Factor (Df), stability in the x/y and Z axes, and a Very Low Profile on the conductor surface.

We currently build RF antennas using all available and experimental materials. We generally build using materials from ArlonRogers Taconic, and Isola . We can attempt to acquire any material needed, or use Customer Supplied Materials if necessary.

Bonding of multilayer antennas is another of our specialties. We utilize 4450B Bond-ply for most Duroid applications. In cases where little or no flow is a must, we utilize bond-plies such as Rogers 3001 and Dupont FRP and Tedlar PVF .

Teflon multilayers require robust bond-plies such as the Rogers 3001 and Dupont FRP or Tedlar PVF or, depending on the material and Teflon % content, they can be bonded using a Teflon Fusing process at high temperatures. In the Teflon Fusing process, there are no added bond-plies or pre-preg layers.

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