Filled Vias, Blind/Buried Vias & Sequential Lamination

A “via” is a general term used on the industry for a “via hole” as opposed to a through-hole or component hole, where a lead for a component would normally be inserted. A “via” hole is only utilized to carry a signal to a different layer, and is highly utilized in SMT (Surface Mount Technology).

Our service includes filled, blind, buried, and sequentially laminated vias as required by design.

We have in-house capability to do both conductive and non-conductive filled vias. This feature is perfect for designs that need better vacuum table adhesion during automated assembly, or for designs that utilize L.E.D. or photo-detection cells and require light shielding side to side. This design feature also lends itself well for via-in-pad technology. Via-in-pad technology yields the best quality which only highly skilled individuals with the latest specialized equipment can deliver. Since the entire integrity of a highly complicated board can hinge on the success and quality of a via-in-pad process, we inspect the product prior to and immediately after either non-conductive, or conductive via fill and planarization.

Blind vias are sequentially laminated in-house. Blind micro-vias that require controlled depth drilling must be examined on a case-by-case basis by our engineering crew. We do have the ability to sequentially laminate blind vias of varying depths and either side of a board. Additionally, we can do this in combination with buried vias, which are also built using sequential lamination procedures.

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