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What is RF, and How It’s Measured

Electromagnetic fields surrounding conductors, radio waves, microwaves, and wireless signals are all collectively referred to as RF, or Radio Frequency energy. RF energy surrounds our environment. It has been historically used in various electronics, such as radio and T.V broadcasting, cellular phones, satellite communications, microwave ovens, radars, industrial heaters and sealers, and as of lately in the IoT (Internet of Things) wireless communication arena

These electromagnetic fields can be measured as waves, measured by wavelength and frequency of oscillation. The wavelength and frequency are inversely interrelated, so as the frequency goes up, the wavelength becomes shorter. This is mainly due to the constant speed of travel of radio waves, which is equal to the speed of light.

Frequency is the number of these electromagnetic waves in one second. One Hz (Hertz) is one cycle per second, a kHz or kilohertz is 1000 cycles per second, a MHz or Megahertz is a million cycles, and a GHz (Gigahertz) is a billion cycles per second. Once a wave exceeds 1Ghz it becomes a microwave. Today’s microwave and RF technology utilizes a range between 3GHz and upwards of 15GHz.

As these electromagnetic waves reach frequencies above 3 Ghz, there is a lot of energy lost within materials. Due to this issue, new materials with low Dk (dielectric constants), and DF (dissipation factors) have been formulated to achieve low signal loss.

Since dimensional stability is also a major factor in RF design, these new materials also have excellent dimensional stability in both the x/y and the z axes.

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Your RF design is most likely unique. Our team can review and suggest approaches for fabrication, exploring available options. We have the experience to help with material selection, R&D, and the manufacture of your prototype.

Recessed contact points, Offset connectors, Castellation’s, Countersinks, Counterboring, etc. can all be worked into your design, and we can build it within our standard Leadtime.

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