Default Manufacturing Specifications

Scope: When manufacturing specifications (i.e. prints) are not provided by the customer, Rockymountain Circuits
will quote use this specification.
Note: All PCBs will be built and inspected to the following IPC Standards: IPC-A-600 Class II Acceptability of Printed
Boards IPC-6012A Class II Qualification & Performance for Rigid Printed Boards

GENERAL: Order of precedence

  1. Any notes on the Purchase Order
  2. Customer provided drawing
  3. Customer supplied specification
  4. This specification
  • There shall be no functional deviation from customer data without customer approval.
  • All standard Printed Circuit Boards will be manufactured with UL approved materials and processes, with exceptions for experimental and/or exotic materials not covered under UL.
  • Each board will be marked with our logo, UL designator, and date code with the date code displayed in the following format: (WWYY). Location 1st choice: Top silkscreen, 2nd choice: Bottom Silkscreen, 1st choice with
    no legend: Etch

Default stack up will be based on material availability and intended function, with a balanced foil construction. Default board thickness is 0.062” ±0.006”.

DEFAULT COPPER WEIGHTS: 1/2 oz Inner Layer Signals, 1 oz Inner Layer solid Planes, and 3/8 oz outer layer copper foil plated to 1 oz for a balanced foil construction. If spacing is less than .006 on Inner Layer Planes, or if mixed plane/signals, ½ oz copper will be used.


Plating and Final Finish: If not specified, boards will be vertically Hot Air Levelled using Lead-Free solder and will be covered and solderable. Solder mask will be over bare copper.
Final Finish standard thickness: Immersion Gold: 2.5-3.5 micro inches • Nickel: 120-200 micro inches .Standard and Lead-Free Solder: 250+ micro inches
Screening and Soldermask: Soldermask will be Green Semi-Gloss Liquid Photo imageable mask over bare copper applied to both sides. Silkscreen will be white, permanent, non-conductive epoxy ink. Minimum line width for
silkscreen is .006”. Via plug/fill will be non-conductive epoxy via fill.

Physical Dimensional Tolerances: External Board: +/- .005” – Internal Features: +/- .003”

Required Spacing for Scoring (from conductor to board edge)

  • on 15° blade = 0.015″ minimum
  • on 30° blade = 0.025″ minimum

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