Prototype to Production

We claim to provide exceptional service to our customers, and we truly mean it. When we first tool your design during the prototype phase, we will tool it on our standard production panel. We normally avoid the comingling of jobs and customers. Since it is panelised properly from the beginning, when the time comes to move your design into production there is no need for re-tooling or the associated charges.

Many OEMS and CMs find that going from prototype to production quantities can be an exhausting process, and we strive to make this as seamless and trouble–free as possible.

When the time comes to build very large board quantities overseas due to pricing and market constraints, we’ve got your back. We will interface with our approved overseas manufacturers on your behalf, we’ll make sure they have the right data, and we will also inspect the product in our facility before it ships to you. We are experienced in acting as your quality shield, and we take the headaches out of dealing with overseas suppliers.

Rocky Mountain has been manufacturing electronic products in China since the mid-1980s; we can leverage our experience overseas to provide you with a high-quality product at a very competitive price, without the difficulty of dealing directly with a Chinese manufacturer. Since we approve the manufacturer, we take it upon ourselves to re-inspect your boards here in our facility stateside. We take our reputation of providing a high-quality product very seriously.

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